West Virginia PTA offers unique training for PTA members at the local level. One of the great benefits of being a PTA is the availability of the West Virginia PTA Board of Managers to conduct one-on-one training at the request of a local unit.
In addition to requested training, West Virginia PTA offers valuable training opportunities for leaders and members. At the beginning of each school year, regional trainings are hosted throughout the state for local units to receive valuable training to get the year started. The regional training topics include officer training, the benefits of PTA, the resources and programs that are offered through state and national PTA, and much more!
The signature event that West Virginia PTA hosts is the annual convention. Each spring, leaders from all over West Virginia meet for training, conduct the business of the West Virginia PTA, to support the scholarship program, and the very popular Awards Banquet. Workshops are conducted on various topics that attendees find interesting in furthering their development as leaders. Make sure to plan in your budgets for this expense and send your officers to this years convention!

National PTA E-Learning Courses
National PTA offers many online training opportunities for PTA members! You can learn about PTA basics, parliamentary procedure, budgeting, public speaking, and much more!
Visit National PTA's E-Learning website to take advantage of these great opportunities!